New Beginnings

New beginnings are possible in the security industry.

4 powerful reasons to pursue a new beginning in security.

New beginnings start with growth

The security industry is projected to grow an additional 8.2% in 2015 reaching $76.9 billion. That follows a 7.9% increase in 2014, with no end in sight. With Google buying NEST for 3.2 billion dollars and Apple launching HomeKit in iOS8, the growth in home security and automation has only just begun.

New beginnings require staying power

The security industry proved its strength through the recession and came as close to a “recession proof” industry as you can get. Find your new beginning in the security industry for job and livelihood security that many other industries just can’t match.

New beginnings crave independence

If flexibility and independence are tops on your career must-have list, then the security industry is for you. Many security jobs allow for flexible time schedules that accommodate both employees and customers. The level of independence in security jobs is dependent on the job itself, often being tied directly to performance.

New beginnings can bring new meaning

Security jobs aren’t just about earning a living. With a career in security you’ll feel great about what you do for your clients each and every day. You’ll provide peace of mind, safeguard belongings and possibly save lives through your dedication and hard work.

Which security job is best for new beginnings?

Check out the security jobs below and find your fit.

  • Account Executive

    Account Executive

    Self-generate new sales opportunities utilizing creative lead generating techniques.

  • Security Technician

    Security Technician

    Enjoy flexible schedules and a high earning potential that’s tied directly to your performance.

  • Security Administration

    Security Administration

    Support technicians in the field as part of a security installation team.

  • Home Automation Consultant

    Home Automation Consultant

    Work with cutting edge technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) to make homes safer and easier to manage.

  • Inside Sales Professional

    Inside Sales Professional

    Determine customer needs in order to recommend specific products and solutions.

  • Energy Management Consultant

    Energy Management Consultant

    Help clients conserve energy in their homes and businesses.



billion devices on Internet of Things (IoT) by 2020


percentage of compound annual growth in home automation market


security installer jobs added yearly thru 2020


thousand home fires in US in 2011

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